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The most recognized name in wood watches.

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When we set out to make our wooden watches, we knew that they had be as unique as those who wear them. 

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Wood watch design is equal parts art and science.  We make sure that the wood works with the accents, and the finished watch is truly a one of a kind piece of wrist art.

In addition to high quality wood for our watches, we also make sure that it was sustainably sourced, from start to finish, and trees were re-planted.

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Lux Woods- The Most Recognized Name in Wood Watches.

When it comes to shopping for wood watches, there are some things that are good to consider. 

First, is the company that is selling the watches reputable?  In our case, the answer is a resounding yes, we have over 5,000 online reviews, with an average score of 4.9. We have earned that through providing first time quality, world class watches, and always offering a helping hand if you need it. 

Does the company make quality watches?  All wood watches are not the same quality, and the difference between a good watch, and a cheap watch can be worlds apart.  All of our watches are made with very high quality watch parts, and the watches our built to last.

Thanks for considering us for your wooden watch purchase, and we would be honored to have your business!