Our Story

A true passion for watches.

My love of watches came at a very young age, I always enjoyed spending time with my grandfather tinkering with his many watches, and he promised me that when he moved on, he would leave me his special watch.  While that never materialized, he left me with a real passion for watches, what makes them tick, and what makes all of them unique.  

Fast forward 20 years, and that watch passion was still there, along with some new ones that I picked up along the way.  What is a guy with a passion for watches, traveling, the environment, and giving back to do?  You guessed it, Lux Woods was born, and wood watches were really everything that we were all about.  

Talking with friends and family before we even started, the top of the priority list was to have a vehicle for giving back in a meaningful way.  This did, and has remained to surprise some people that I talk to about the business, because they all say but isn't the main goal to make alot of money.  That has never been the motivation for us, do we have to keep the lights on, yes, but does the bottom line drive all decision making, absolutely not.  

The main goals of this community business is to leave the world a better place than we found it, provide a best in class product, and make sure that we connect with, and listen to our customers.  Those are the things that we have on our big board, and that is what we live every day.  

We are so happy that you found us, and we would be honored to be able to have you along on our mission.  



All of our wood watches are handmade, and a passion for fine craftsmanship runs deep at Lux Woods. Every wooden watch is different, which assures that every watch is as unique as it’s future owner. We are a small business with a passion for the earth, and a better, more sustainable path forward! 




"Buy one, Feed one, Plant one."

That motto sums up what we are all about. Through your purchase, Lux Woods follows through on our calling to make the world a better place, by working with a couple of carefully chosen foundations that share our vision for the future.


The lofty goal of this organization is to end worldwide, childhood hunger. This is also very near and dear to us, because we need to feed the young minds of the world so that they have every opportunity to do what they are passionate about in life. For us, that is giving back.


The goal of this organization is to plant a billion trees by the year 2025. This is something that is obviously close to our hearts, and we want to make sure that future generations have plenty of trees, and all of the benefits they provide for years to come. We encourage you to participate in tree-plantings near you, it is always a very rewarding experience.