Lux Wood Watch Charity Partner Spotlight:

Lux Wood Watch Charity Partner Spotlight:

July 27, 2016

Well, those that are close to us, and past customers know that a big reason we got into making wood watches, beyond our passion for watch-making, was to have a vehicle for charitable giving.  Our customers know, we take that VERY seriously!  

We are going to start a new blog series highlighting our charitable partners, what they are all about, and what they have been up to.  

The first one, that holds a very special place in our hearts is  Below are some excerpts from their site that show what they are all about!  


What is the Plant a Billion Trees Campaign?

The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is an unprecedented restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008. Our first project was to restore Brazil's Atlantic Forest, and now we have expanded to include forest projects in the United States and China. By planting trees and helping forests regrow where they have been severely degraded, we're helping to ensure clean water, air, diverse species and full, healthy forests for future generations.


One billion trees is a pretty big goal - how is the Nature Conservancy going to accomplish this?

It is ambitious, but forests around the world are worth the effort. They are essential to healthy lives and a healthy planet. Our approach takes advantage of the best available science to ensure that the forests we restore and establish are viable ecosystems that provide multiple benefits and high quality habitat. Here are some of the strategies we employ:

Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has the means, experience and track record to work closely with partner organizations to meet this important goal.


How does restoring and protecting these forests around the world impact people, including me?

Forests help sustain all life on Earth. They clean our water. Cleanse our air. Cool our planet. Trees give us refuge and refreshment, shade and shelter.

The Plant a Billion Trees campaign will help improve important watersheds that provide clean drinking water and hydroelectricity to millions of people, as well as protection for thousands of species of native plants and animals. People will also benefit on a global scale - the trees planted by the campaign will capture atmospheric carbon equivalent to the emissions of one million cars every year.


Does one dollar plant one tree?

One dollar is an average cost for a tree; actual cost depends on the location of the project and what kind of tree being planted. Donations also help pay for the reforestation efforts in Plant a Billion projects, such as the removal of invasive species, protecting areas where tree saplings are growing, encouraging species to return to degraded areas, and removing any barriers that might prevent a forest from regrowth.


We encourage everyone to check them out, and see how you can help!