Best WeddingRings for Outdoorsmen

Best WeddingRings for Outdoorsmen

February 15, 2018

These are the best Tungsten Carbide Wood rings that money can buy. 

We have had wood rings on our company road-map for some time now, and we have finally perfected the design, and have released them in our store.  Like with our wood watches, we do not release anything until we are 100% happy with the product, and we are now there. 

We went back, and forth about the type of metal that we wanted to use, and every time we did the analysis, it kept pointing to Tungsten Carbide.  We love this metal for the following reasons:

  • Nice heavy metal, it feels great on the finger.
  • One of the hardest metals, will not deform.
  • Does not scratch
  • Able to hold fantastic luster/finish.
  • Far cheaper than gold, but with superior characteristics.

For these reasons, we think that these are an absolute perfect choice for an outdoorsman, or really anyone who appreciates unique rings, and is not afraid to take the path less traveled! 

Check out our Lux Woods Wood Wedding Rings Here

We love them!