Apple Watch Wood Band- Chanate

Lux Wood Watches

To our knowledge, we were the pioneers in wooden bands for Apple watches.  This was a very important goal for us, because we find the nature/high-tech marriage in this design to be one of the coolest things to hit the watch market in a long time.  

Why do we wear watches?  Sure, they are great to tell time, but with our bands, they really become a conversation piece, and allow us to connect with people we may not have otherwise.  

Watches also give people clues about who we are, without having to say anything.  What we think our products communicate to people about us:

  • They say that we are not into the pretentious watch game, trying to show up our friends, or impress people we have never met. 
  • They say that we are free spirits, and we are not afraid to take the path less taken.
  • They say that we care about the environment, as every piece is made from sustainably harvested wood, and we also use scraps that would otherwise be waste. 
  • They say that we care about humanity, and this planet, as you are helping support our philanthropic mission of planting a billion trees by 2025, and tackle global childhood hunger.   

Thank you so much for your interest in our brand, and we would be honored to have your business!  

We are a Raleigh, NC company!


Product Description:

Band Highlights

  • Hand crafted from high quality Chanate wood
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Butterfly Jewelry Clasp.
  • Adjustable wood band with removable wood links.
  • Clean, modern design
  • 42mm Adapters, already included
  • Lux Woods not responsible for any damages that happen while wearing our bands.

Band Dimensions

  • Watch Band Length: 9″ (230 mm)
  • Watch Band Width: .94″ (24mm)

What’s Included

  • The Lux Woods Apple Watch Band
  • Eco friendly Recyclable Watch Box
  • Reasonable Shipping Prices


  • Watches within 1 business day of order, unless otherwise communicated
  • All US Orders ship USPS. 2-5 days
  • All international orders ship USPS International Freight. 7-21 Days (Depending on Customs)
  • Duties and Taxes for international orders are outside of our control, and must be paid by buyer.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

As if getting an Eco-friendly, amazing band was not enough, you can sleep easy knowing that a tree was planted & a child somewhere in the world was fed with your purchase. This is something that means a lot to us, and was one of the motivating factors that led us to create this company! The charities that we are partnered up with are listed below!

The lofty goal of this organization is to end worldwide, childhood hunger. This is also very near and dear to us, because we need to feed the young minds of the world so that they have every opportunity to do what they are passionate about in life. For us, that is giving back.

The goal of this organization is to plant a billion trees by the year 2025. This is something that is obviously close to our hearts, and we want to make sure that future generations have plenty of trees, and all of the benefits they provide for years to come. We encourage you to participate in tree-plantings near you; it is always a very rewarding experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Canavan
Great BandThis is a

This is a very sharp band.

Dia Walsh
Beautiful and Comfortable

I absolutely love this watch band. I use my Apple watch for pretty much everything from the moment it wakes me up to the moment it reminds me it's bed time, but I hate the standard plastic bands that come with. This wooden band is sleek and far from bulky, and comfortable enough for me to sleep with the watch on. The only very small complaint I would have is that it sometimes squeaks when it moves, but to me, it is worth some small squeaks for something affordable, stylish, and sustainable. Love this watch band!

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