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Damascus Steel with Whisky Barrel wood inlay rings

These rings are truly special, and truly one of the most unique wood rings that you will ever see.  They are a product of 3 years of design to create the perfect ring, and we have finally accomplished our goal.  These rings are built to last, and we are so confident in that, they have lifetime warranties.

We absolutely love damascus steel because it has been around since the middle ages, and was actually used to make the world's most storied swords.  While the original recipe has been lost to time, today's damascus steel is comprised of high-grade precious metals blended together to create an amazing metal.  Each piece has its own unique fingerprint that ensures that no two rings will ever be the same.  

This Damascus steel on its own would be an incredible ring, but we couldn't stop there.  We continue to source small batches of operational whisky barrels, and line the inside of each ring with a whisky barrel wood inlay.  This is a white oak wood, and the striations, grain, and rich color it has formed over the years is truly breathtaking.  

If you are looking for a truly unique wedding ring, look no further.     

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Tungsten Carbide Rings with wood inlay rings

These wood wedding bands feature feature a variety of wood inlays, making them the perfect harmony between traditional, and modern.  These rings are built to last, and we are so confident in that, they have lifetime warranties.

We chose tungsten carbide for this line because of its great strength, incredible shine, and a nice weight.  Tungsten by itself is one of the strongest metals in the world, but when it is combined with Carbon to create Tungsten Carbide, it is only surpassed by diamonds in strength.  That  makes for a great forever ring.

Combine this gorgeous precious metal with these beautiful wood inlays, and the product is truly a work of art in natural jewelry.  It is the type of band that informs people who we are, without saying a word, and we think that is pretty great!

If you are looking for an affordable wood wedding band, these are a great choice.  

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Wood Rings are the new gold

Life is all about the special connections that we make with those around us, and the memories that we create along the way.  Our wood rings are built with love, by those of us that share your passion for the environment, and truly understand that we only get one planet. 

The marriage between sustainably-harvested wood, and precious metals create a truly stunning wedding ring that is as unique as the stories of those of us that wear them.  You probably set out to find a wedding band that was unique, and different, and our wood rings certainly fit that criteria.  

Countless hours went into the design of these wood rings. The goal of creating a truly special ring, made from responsibly-sourced materials, and  one that comes with no special restrictions was not easy to achieve, but we have done it.  Who wants to be told that you need to remove your wedding ring to shower, swim, or just do anything out of the ordinary?  No one, that is why we have implemented special engineering designs into these rings that allow us to say, "live your life, wear your ring, and if something happens, we have your back!".  This means alot to us, customer satisfaction will always be our first priority.

If you are looking for an artisan-crafted wood wedding ring, look no further! 

Natural Jewelry is the path less traveled

All of our wood inlay rings are a precious blend of eco-conscious wood, and precious metals that come together to form a ring that is unlike any you have seen before.  At every turn, we use wood scraps from other industries that would have otherwise been discarded.  Any freshly sourced wood for the rings has to be sourced by forest stewardship council approved wood, which means there is a clear chain of custody of a sustainable harvest, and replanting.

If you are looking for a truly unique wedding ring, you will absolutely love our wood rings, and we back them with a lifetime warranty.   

 Wood rings have many advantages as well.  First, they have a nice warm feel on the finger, wood is much more comfortable feeling than metal, because it never really gets hot or cold.  Next, they have self sustaining beauty, as the natural oils from your fingers naturally season the wood inlay over time, and the wood just looks better and better.  Finally, and probably the most obvious reason to love wood wedding bands is the fact that they are truly unique natural jewelry.  We don't like to consider ourselves sheep in a herd, and expressing ourselves through our wood rings is a way to truly wear jewelry that is meaningful to us.

We would be honored to be part of your special day, or a refresh for those who are looking to spice things up.  We would be honored to have your business.

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